NICOMELTZ™ is nicotine release strip that instantly melts in your mouth and calms your craving for a smoke. It melts away on your tongue in seconds giving you the satisfaction of smoking without its side effects. Using these strips regularly can eventually help you reduce your dependency on cigarettes. Each orally disintegrating strip contains nicotine polacrilex USP equivalent to nicotine 2mg. Nico meltz strips are sugar-free and come in a refreshing mint flavor. One should strictly not consume more than 24 strips in a day...


Initially almost every nicotine replacement therapy has some common side effects such as hiccups, burning sensation in throat, nausea, stomach discomfort and sleep disturbance. Don’t worry. Most of these symptoms will subside over repeated use. If it is severe consult a Doctor. Take a sip of water to be relieved from hiccups.
Initially if you find it difficult to tolerate one strip fully, start with just half or 1/4th the strip of NICOMELTZ™ at one time till you get used to it. Store rest of the strip in the pouch and consume it in a time gap of 2 to 3 minutes.
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NICOMELTZ™ supports BREAKTHEURGE movement in Joining 1 million pledges to quit smoking.

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"The product is a lifesaver for my husband. He was so desperate to quit smoking but got tired with all Nicotine replacement therapies available in the market. But Nicomeltz strips really is a game changer for sure. Thank you Nicomeltz."
Rekha, Mumbai
“I was always looking to quit smoking from my teenage, but failed on all attempts. There was something new with these strips. Even though I had hiccups when consumed, this eventually passed away on continuous usage for a week.”
Sachin, Delhi
“I would say this product absolutely does what it says in getting rid of the urge to smoke. Unlike other NRT products, I even had an option to use half the strip so that the common effects like burning sensation and hiccups gone away easily.”
Raman, Chennai
“Finally a product which I can recommend to every smokers who wants to quit smoking. I was using gum for a long time but I always felt uncomfortable in chewing that for long. This disintegrating strips really works great, instantly gets melted in your tongue.”
Sophie Lawrence, Calcutta